Friday, 2 July 2010

Charity Shops

So I love charity shops and here are this weeks finds.

Brand new M&S Bra for £1

Brand new cosmetic sponges 10p a pack

Brand New No7 Make up brushes £1.25 (these are pretty good actually theyve replaced my ELF ones for the moment.)


So my local Superdrug has a reduced stand for damaged and nearly out of date stock and today I found the above. A 2true eyeshadow set with one shade broken so when I opened them both up and found they made a set I was very happy lol. Its shade 13 I love golds, browns, coppers and this kinda hits on all of them so for 40p I got £3.90 worth of products :D Yet another fantastic bargain.

Mua Nail varnish and Eyeliner

So I thought I would try somemore MUA products as my store finally got somemore in stock sadly none of the Shades 7 or 12 eyeshadows though they seem so popular.

I got the black eyeliner shade 5 as I swatched it on my hand a few weeks back and actually again today and it takes about 7 hours and many many handwashes to rub off! I have it on my hand right now and its been on since 2.30pm Ive washed my hands about 12 times (I have to at work) and Ive been in the shower and washed my hair and theres still some on my hand so cant wait to try it on my eyes lol.

I also got a nail varnish in shade 10 which is a nice pearly shell colour think mother of pearl. Now I love the shade but I had read on someones blog or seen on youtube I cant remember which that this nail varnish is hard to use! They werent wrong! If you are like me and like to go over and over your varnish til its smooth, dont try it with MUA is seems to congeal! I have tried it on one nail today and its so lumpy Im sure theres a trick to getting it on in one smooth coat but I cant seem do it! As im typing over put on more coat on and its smooth! Im wondering if the heat were having at the moment has something to do with how it dried before? I have now done every nail and Ive decided it was the heat as it seems smooth now! This heat has placed such a problem with my make up these last few weeks lol.

Batiste V's Superdrug!!!

So Superdrug have realeased they're own line of dry shampoo's (Well theres 2 in in the range lol).The names of the scents are rather odd! I decided to try Away with the Fairies! As it seems quite fitting for me :D I have looked online for the other fragrance's name but it's not online yet. Must be a very new product. I thought I would try one out as Batiste is £2.09 in my Superdrug and theyre own is only £1.49 every penny counts remember! its a 60p saving.

Comaprison time!
The Fragance of Away withe the Fairies is floral its actually nicer than Blush by Batiste it's more like a body spray fragrance. Which I find really pleasant. So Ive used Batiste for awhile so Im used to the fact it comes out of the can dry, which is hanndy for a dry shampoo, oddly the Superdrug on comes out wet? Now for a dry shampoo I find that a little odd. In time the alcohol does however evaporate and the talc (its actually rice starch) is left behind.But I have a problem! I use dry shampoo after ive straightened my hair and I am worried if I use it like that the wetness of the spray will take my straight hair back to its natural wave! I havent had a chance to use it like this yet and I did actually have some Batiste in my hair when I tried it initially for this review so it wasnt the best trial. I will however use it again soon especially on my straight hair and let you know the outcome.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Blog sale

Im in the middle of moving house and Ive been going through my make up and found a few items I could sell only one problem...I need some followers! So come on guys if youve been watching my blog please start following!

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