Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Review: Benefit California Kissin'

Image ©2012, Benefit Cosmetics LTD

Benefit California Kissin'
RRP: £14
Size: 12.5g Net wt.0.4 oz.

This is the websites info.

Why we love it: Our minty lip shine freshens your breath and brightens your smile. So pick a partner and let the kissin' begin! The subtle blue sheen makes teeth appear whiter and the minty taste freshens breath!

Well Ive been wearing California Kissin' for about a week now and I have to say I love the formula not sticky more of a lipbalm feeling rather than a gloss. It has a slight roughness but this is from the tiny glitter specks. I imagine that these are doing only good for my lips by stimulating blood flow.I love the look it gives lovely gloosy look with very fine glitter of blues and greens which cause the lips to look highly glossed without having to put a thick layer on.

Don't worry about the fact its blue it doesnt show up blue on your lips and as for making teeth appear whiter it didnt for me. It also didn't freshen my breath, but I think that's because I didn't eat it and it's not that minty just subtle. Theres a slight tingle when applied but don't worry it's nothing major not like a lip plumper just a minty tingle.

The important stuff:
Would I buy it? No. I think it's pricey and I'm not a great fan of minty lipbalms or glosses. I think it works well a as a lipbalm/ gloss but it's not for me.

How I came to own this product? Won as part of a Benefit Twitter competition. However this does not effect my views just means I didn't choose or pay for it.

Beware of imitations! Benefit is a heavily counterfeited product containing all sorts of harmful things that would not pass strick EU standards. Best advise buy from a Benefit Counter Boots or ASOS

Please follow Benefit on Facebook or Twitter

They regularly run competitions and someone has to win!

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Benefit Competition Win

So I recieved my Benefit competition win today. I was amazed how generous they were. So Im just trying out the products I don't already own at the moment so I can give you guys a good honest review about them. Follow at @benefit_UK_IRE

What I recieved:
Realness of concealness
Cream Shadow in busy signal and get figgy
The Porefessional
California Kissin
Big Beautiful eyes
Silky Finish Lipstick in nice knickers
some kinda gorgeous deluxe mini
and the cutest benefit branded post it notes.

Friday, 10 February 2012


This review is of the Classice Travalo http://www.travalo.com/travalo-perfume-atomizer.html
I have now owned a Travalo for nearly 2 years. It has become an important part of my makeup bag. In years gone by I used to try and spray my favorite fragrance into those little tester sprayers you sometimes get from the makeup counters and more ended up on my hands than in the sprayer. So when I got my first Travalo it took me a few minutes to figure out how to use it but once I figured it out I was away!
I have a few problems with Travalo. One is the smell certain fragrances leave behind. Ive tried flushing mine out with water but if you used a strong fragrance for me its Monsoon by Monsoon or Opium by YSL. You have no chance of the small going it must soak into the plastic then leach into your new fragrance. However if they didnt use plastic this handy item would not be suitable for taking on as hand luggage on a flight which is very handy. Ive now started to put a label on my Travalo's so I know which frangrances are inside and I try as much as possible to only use that fragrance in that individual Travalo. The other I have is sometimes no matter how tight a fit, when Im filling up my Travalo it wont fill. This happens on one of my Travalo's do it may be a problem with it but evenually it does fill.
Overall ignore my negatives its me being picky. This is an amazing product so simple compared to the funel and glass sprayers of years gone by. My last one of those leaked in a handbag and destroyed a full bag of makeup! So if you travel a lot at home or abroad make sure you have at least one travalo when you go. Also if you have any problems the people at Travalo are extremely friendly and will always give you excellent customer service.
Thank you Travalo.
Travalo have a twitter @Travalo however they only seem to put up their FB statuses and don't reply.
Travalo's FB is http://www.facebook.com/travalo they have a daily spray competition to win a Travalo so what you waiting for?
Note this is a review of the Classic Travalo I do not own the Exel version.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

An amazing competition win today. Benefit chose me as the winner of their caption competition. No idea what I've won but stand by for some reviews of their products. Some will be ones I already own and will be on in the next few days.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Woo I won

So I finally got sorted on Twitter and it's just my first week properly using it. I hadn't realised how good it was and how many competitions differnt companys have. Ive been lucky enough to win the Pantene Repair and Protect one and as a thank you I will be reviewing these items when I recieve them I have to say I simply cant wait!

Tuesday, 26 October 2010


So while being laid up in bed yesterday with a tube down into my stomach to monitor my Ph levels I was kinda uncomfortable and in pain, so I decided to start clicking on random blogs to see where it would to me, amazingly I found myself among an array of colours in the form of wool and a wonderful group of women who crochet. Now many many years ago my Grandma tried to teach me and failed, I used to have the attention span of a gnat as a child, but now I feel I could quite happily fill in my winters nights making Granny squares and drinking tea! So quick as I could after returning from the hospital I was on the hunt, I knew we had an old plastic bag of Knitting needles and crochet hooks or at least one I could remember. So finally the bag was found and the moment of truth had arrived what would be found in the bag?... Nothing! No flaming crochet hook! So spent the rest of the day in a bad mood haha. It wouldnt have mattered if Id found it anyways as my bag of wool had also disappeared during my house move, I really hate moving house! So off to the charity shops tomorrow for some cheap crochet hooks and wool.

If youre new to chrochet check out Youtube Ive found some wonderful channels with some basics.

Thursday, 19 August 2010


Ive gone all modern and joined the world of videos on youtube! Hope you enjoy!

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Tricks and tips

Here are some of my tips and tricks I use:

Ever buy a shampoo and it ends up making your hair greasy or you just dont like it? Use it as bubble bath or use it to handwash your delicates.

What if you have a hair conditoner you dont like?
When Im on holiday in a hot country I smoother my body in conditoner its great for keeping in moisture and retaining a tan. Also use it as a shaving cream youll find the blade will run smoothly along skin with conditioner on.

Use olive oil on dry skin or on hands effected by hot and dry or cold winter conditions.

Waxing: If you buy wax that says it doent need heating its usually impossible to use my tip warm it a sink of warm tap water itll go on easier.

every now and again if you have dry skin on your face smoother it in Sudocrem used on babies bottoms lol. It has a plesant lavender fragrance and leaves your face lovely and smooth.

E45 cream not lotion is the best thing out there as a regular hand cream if like me you suffer with dry hands and its cheap too.

Bottles of cheap witch hazel not the brand as it is dear! Is the best toner you can buy its not harsh like some of the alcohol ones and also can be used on other areas of the body shuch as to heal bruises!

If you found any of these handy let me know!

Friday, 13 August 2010

Models own

If moodels own get 10,000 like before 31st Aug 2010 they will give all likers 50% off an online shop so join now! What are you waiting for?

Im back!!!

Sorry Ive been gone for a fews weeks what with moving house, my grandmother dying and going on holiday my blog has been sadly neglected. So I'll catch you up on bargains etc.

Think Ill start with today and work back over.

This hairband from dorothy perkins and at only £1 and 20% off I couldnt say no! I also couldnt say no to a long string of pearls which are still showing up as £7 online, a LOVE brooch and some beautiful white disc ear-rings all 80p each with the 20% discount which sadly finished today :(

I went to collect my boots order in store today just some photo corners nothing special but theyre on BOGOF and my local store is too small to stock them. My store also still have a reduced stand in which i found some garnier deodorant for 70p each brilliant concidering its normally £2.79 got to the counter and the girl tells me its only 35p a can as theres a half price off on it atm so even better! So that was savings of £6.88 in Boots alone! and In dorothy perkins I saved £20.30 so a good day for me all in all.

Ive also had some good charity shop bargains. a lovely Zara summer coat for £3 and another summer coat from New look only £2.25! I got a white summer cotton vest for my hols for only £1 when I had tried the same on on in Tesco the day before and it was £6! I got a cowboy tee from Miss Selfridge for £1 and a pretty beaded bracelet for 50p I got some books to for 20p each Candace Bushnell - Lipstick Jungle, Memoirs of a geshia, Delicate matters - vickery turner and marian keyes - sushi for beginners. Oh and also a never read copy of love on scotland street by alexander Mccall Smith who is one of my favorite authours also only 20p!

I got some lovely new bedding for my new house for £11 at tesco and some lovely pink pillowcases 2 lots only £1.25 a pack. Ive been using the double velvet voucher in the new tesco magazine to get my tissues as theyre only £1 atm and its a 50p off voucher then when you peel back the top of the box you get another voucher so im all ready for winter colds with all our hankies now lol.

I also had a voucher for money off natural bodyform pads that currently have cute little carrying tins and pouches free! I am now also over loaded on these as I want all the differnt designs lol.
I got the flower tin and the zebra pouch but after the flower pouch and the peacock tin now.

So my hols were to spain this year where I found an amazing shop called Lefties its part of the Zara group check it out if your over there this summer I bought 12 or 13 tees and they are so cute Ill get some pics up soon when i unpack my cables lol. Also got loads of lush dresses off the markets as well.

I also decided to finish my Roseanne Dvd collection with my amazon vouchers so that saved me £20! Did spand £5.99 on getting series 9 but so pleased ive got them all now it was my fave show growing up.

Also bought Monsoons perfume called monsoon for £14.99 from theperfumeshop its so heady its lush it reminds me of my trip to tunisia everytime I spray it!

Well thats it for now might add some more later after I go through my drawers and cupboards to see what else Ive bought so...
ta ta for now!

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