Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Review: Benefit California Kissin'

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Benefit California Kissin'
RRP: £14
Size: 12.5g Net wt.0.4 oz.

This is the websites info.

Why we love it: Our minty lip shine freshens your breath and brightens your smile. So pick a partner and let the kissin' begin! The subtle blue sheen makes teeth appear whiter and the minty taste freshens breath!

Well Ive been wearing California Kissin' for about a week now and I have to say I love the formula not sticky more of a lipbalm feeling rather than a gloss. It has a slight roughness but this is from the tiny glitter specks. I imagine that these are doing only good for my lips by stimulating blood flow.I love the look it gives lovely gloosy look with very fine glitter of blues and greens which cause the lips to look highly glossed without having to put a thick layer on.

Don't worry about the fact its blue it doesnt show up blue on your lips and as for making teeth appear whiter it didnt for me. It also didn't freshen my breath, but I think that's because I didn't eat it and it's not that minty just subtle. Theres a slight tingle when applied but don't worry it's nothing major not like a lip plumper just a minty tingle.

The important stuff:
Would I buy it? No. I think it's pricey and I'm not a great fan of minty lipbalms or glosses. I think it works well a as a lipbalm/ gloss but it's not for me.

How I came to own this product? Won as part of a Benefit Twitter competition. However this does not effect my views just means I didn't choose or pay for it.

Beware of imitations! Benefit is a heavily counterfeited product containing all sorts of harmful things that would not pass strick EU standards. Best advise buy from a Benefit Counter Boots or ASOS

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They regularly run competitions and someone has to win!

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