Sunday, 27 June 2010

Yet more MUA

So I have only purchased 2 MUA products today as my local store still has not had any new stock! I believe that the whole stand comes in one go meaning that they cant order the individual items they need! Mind I dont kno this might ask when Im next in.

So I thought I would try one of the Eye Dusts as Ive seen swatches on yotube and they seem as good as the shadows.

I know the swatch for the Pearl eyeshdow (the pale cream colour pearl shade 1) is poor but it looks white with no flash and with flash it looks silver but it is a shimmery cream colour really and it is beautiful I love it and the purple colour which is Eye Dust shade 6 is quite acurate though it is slightly more purple.

I love the purple as I have my hair purple at the moment and Im on the hunt for purple eye shadows Ive seen some in the 2True range today I think I may try at some point soon.

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Boots reductions

So at the moment in my local Boots store they have a little reductions stand and each day more is being added this week I have got:
Celia Birtwell Cherry Lipbalm 75p RRP £1.99
Tresemme Colour Lock Leave in Conditioning Spray 75p RRP £4.99
Charlie Secret Body Spray (I actually bought 3 of these lol) 40p RRP £1.60
Umberto Giannini Shine Gloss Pot 50p RRP £1.99
Lee Stafford Night Patrol Spray 75p RRP £4.99
Pantene Enhanced Layers Defining Mousse 58p RRP £3.29

So for £4.53 Ive got £22.05 worth of products and made a saving of £17.52 :D

Friday, 18 June 2010

Benefit Badgal!

Now I cant see what all the ranting is about with Benefit so far the products dont seem much different from my cheap brands. So Ive been using a miners coverstick for the last few months comparing it with Itstick Ive used for the last week or so theres little difference the colour is the same and the coverage is equal if not less! It goes on smooth with my ELF concealer brush hiding my very dark under eyes not sleeping much inbetween packing to move and work! Its a great concealer I just wouldnt pay the price tag of £14! The Badgal eye liner was compared to my £1 Primark pencil primark which was more pigmented and had better staying power. Even tried one of each on each eye it did smudge more easily which is great for a smokey look not so great if you want a strong line to last all day! Im not saying I will never try Benefit again but I would like to move away from their pencils and maybe try some eyeshadows, powders and foundations as these are things I have problems with being very pale skinned. Maybe the next review I write Ill be raving about Benefit!


If youve stopped by let me know why! lol. Let me know what you like and dont like. If youre a bargain addict let me know. Thanks

Monday, 14 June 2010

ELF Update

Just to let you know the new swatches are up on ELF's website they are a lot better than they used to be. So pleased I didnt order certain products now I can see what they really look like lol. I can say though comparing to the products I have the swatches they are nearly all accurate apart from the guilded eyeliner that I've seen.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Magazines Freebies in June

So I noticed today the magazines have so many freebies this month here are some that I noticed:

More Magazine £1.50
Free Barry M Dazzle Dust Voucher worth £4.50 redeemable at Superdrug.

Red Magazine £3.60
Free Jemma Kidd Lipgloss. There are 3 to collect Worth £14 each.

Glamour Magazine £2
Free Benefit products A choice of 3 Benefit cosmetic pencils, Eye Bright worth £14, Bad Gal worth £14 and It Stick worth £17.

Marie Claire £3.50 June 10th.
Free Cowshed Bath & Shower Gel 100ml A choice of 6 bath & shower gels all worth £8 each.
There is a choice of:
Knackered Cow - Relaxing bath & shower gel
Horny Cow - Seducing bath & shower gel
Wild Cow - Invigorating bath & shower gel
Grumpy Cow - Uplifting bath & shower gel
Lazy Cow - Soothing bath & shower gel
Moody Cow - Balancing bath & shower gel

Grazia Magazine £1.95
Free Crabtree & Evelyn Citron, Honey & Coriander Therapy Hand Cream 50g Voucher worth £6. Redeemable at your nearest Crabtree & Evelyn Store. Sadly not one near me I would loved to have tried this!

Magazine Make up

So the magazines are lousy with freebies this month so I decided to get Glamour magaine for the Benefit It Stick as that was my only choice at my local Tesco their are the 3 available products:
Eye Bright usually £14 (a pinky white eyeliner pencil which instantly brightens eyes), Bad Gal usually £14 (black eye liner pencil) and It stick usually £17 (a concealer pencil for fine lines).
Im now on the hunt for the other two products to try as the it stick is fantastic. Next was More magazine which has a voucher inside for a free Barry M Dazzle Dust worth £4.50 so off to my local Superdrug and got 98 Petrol Black which I love and have wanted for ages! So that was £21.50 worth of make up for 50p because I used £3 of Tesco vouchers so it was a good day for me.
See the swatches below:

Saturday, 12 June 2010

More MUA

Here are my new MUA @ Superdrug eyeshadows. Shades 9, 11, 14 and 15 .
9 is a duochrome purple with blues a lovely shade.
11 is a bronze colour would work really well as a holiday colour on tanned skin.
14 is a dark green fades out to a brown.
15 is a black but its almost like a dark silver when its on thick.
I cant stop ranting about these eyeshadows they are fantastic. I was however dissapointed my local store had run out of shade 12 :( as I have heard such good things about it and its even been comapred to a MAC shade that no one else does.

Friday, 11 June 2010

MUA = Make up addiction!

Bought 5 more MUA @ Superdrug products today 4 Eyeshadows and a lipstick. Swatches and colour mixing hopefully going on this weekend. Please leave a message if you visit this blog even just a hello would be nice.
Ta ta for now!

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Poundland Make up

Poundland for make up are you crazy I hear you cry! Well yes Im crazy but not for buying make up in Poundland and Poundworld. They get ends of lines old stock etc. I will warn you if youre funny about make up some of this stuff is from 5 years ago but its still sealed and never used. Heres some of the items that I have pruchased.

Powder 001 light - Fantastic for pale skin not chalky. I actually have 3 of these now as its so hard to get powders to match my skin tone.
Blusher Peach 130 - Slightly dark for me a little goes a long way!

Revlon, down then left to right:
Lipglide lip glosses
100 clearly glossy - a Clear gloss with soft sponge aplicator.
140 Nude slip - Looks brown but goes on like a berry colour I cant explain how much I love these and at 2 for £1 I want them all!
200 pink lighting - beautiful pale baby pink
270 Berry dazzling - dark pink lovely colour I just love all these theyre fantastic.
Lash Fantasy Mascara Black - Im on the hunt for another one of these makes me look like I have eyelashes the white thickening side is fantastic must for thin lashes.
Colorstay 99 Charcoal - Poor pigmentation handy for blending out other blacks.
Skinlights touchpad - This is odd theres no colour on the packaging its a little orangey for my skin but its gives a healthy shimmer over the whole face use like a foundation. Fantastic for holidays for a shimmery look.

Three-sum 800 Raw Trio Eyeshadow - These colours are supposed to represent the Union Jack theyre blue, white and red, however the blue goes on black? No idea why but still a fantastic trio if used with a base as the pigmentaion is very low.

Cool matte 16 Hr Mousse Foundation 100 Ivory - So if theres any redheads or daughters of redheads (thats me btw :D) and have very pale skin you will know if you buy a pale powder or foundation you still look like youve been Tangoed! This is an exception. Fantastic hope my local Poundland gets it in again soon as I dont think they make it anymore.
Mousse Bronzer 001 Light Glow - Apply as little or as much of this a little goes a long way on pale skin. Make sure your skin is slightly moist still from your foundation for even coverage.

Colour Rush 340 Heather - This is a poor product but now i see it with the loose silver I may try a new look with it. A base is a must like with most rimmel shoadows.

Colour Loose 008 Smokey - Dont like the application of this may try taking it apart to use with my own brushes. More greyish than silver but blends well with blacks, greys for a smokey look.

Dream Mousse Bronzer 01 Copper - Darker and firmer than the Rimmel one but once rubbed in creates a healthy sun kissed look handy for those of us who just burn and dont get that lovely summery glow naturally.

Max Factor Ellen Betrix
Hyperfull lipstick
170 Rousing - Now these are like a lipbalm so much moisture in these. I think once on 170 and 180 have very little differnce both shiny and pinkish/ purple.
180 Spirited - see above
190 Dashing - A Matte colour slighty pinkish I love this as an everyday wear as its matte plan on buying another one.

NYC (sorry no picture)
Mascara Jet Black - Now sometimes when you buy make up from Poundland its there for a reason this was one such item, in short its old like a dried up mascara in the bottom of your make up bag. Still use it tho lol. Doesnt actually clump and creates thicker lashes which is impressive for me as i have very few lashes and theyre thin.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010


So many of you will have heard of ELF so heres some of my product reviews to help you make up your mind what products you want to buy.

Brushes, Left to right:
concealer brush, total face brush, eye shadow brush, blushing, bronzing and blending brush, defining eye brush and blending eye brush.
Ive not had much experience with brushes but I love these theyre all natural hair apart from the concealer brush. The shed very little and all hold theyre powders well.

Lips, 1st photo down then Left to right. 2nd photo left to right:
Super Glossy Lip Shine Spf 15 Goddess - I love this colour when it runs out i will be buying a replacement.

Super Glossy Lip Shine Angel - Pity theres no SPF in this one but its perfect to put over other lipsticks or nice just one its own. Contains fine glitter unable to feel on lips.

Plumping Lip Glaze Baby Doll - The light side is menthol and is what give your lips the plumped look the other side is mint and is just the colour lovely little piece of kit if you suffer from dry lips as the menthol gets the circulation going again.

Hypershine Lip Gloss Fairy - Amazing on my list again for when I run out.

Hypershine Lip Gloss Cloud Nine - Very similar to Fairy. This one is also on my List.

Hypershine Lip Gloss Vixen - Tastes foul. All this range are supposed to taste the same this one tastes like a offish mint not like the other two which are a lovely tatse.

Luscious Liquid Lipstick also called Moisture Care color Carmel Candy - Doesnt look as brown when its on your lips supposed to be vanilla mint I would just say mint slightly chemically.

Face, Left to right:
All over color Stick Spotlight - Love this I plan on buying more colours to test out too. I use it on my cheeks, lips, eyes its just fantastic and I can not describe the smell its too delious for words, but ELF describes it as Sugar Orange.

Clarifying Pressed Powder Apricot Beige Tone 1 - Like chalk, not suitable for very pale skin which i have. (I will be doing a blog soon about pale make up for all you fellow albinos out there!) Also not that cheap its half the weight of something that is twice the price in other ranges. Not something Ill be buying again.

Left to right: Butter Pecan, Black Licorice powder, (underneath) Black licorice Cream

liquid liner black, Brightening Eye Liner guilded, Brightening Eye Liner Black, Liquid shadow Coco loco, liquid liner copper

ELF Brightening Eye Liner Black - So so product doesnt go on waterline very dark/ thickly.

ELF Brightening Eye Liner Guilded - Love this colour for autumn/ winter its a gold liner its a must.

ELF Liquid Eyeliner Copper - Clear eyeliner with copper glitter i use over black eyeliner for a glitzy look in the autumn/ winter.

Waterproof Eyeliner Pen Black - Not waterproof and the container leaks all the time also on my not to buy list.

Duo Eye Shadow Cream Black Licorice - Only use as a base for the matching powder shadow.

Duo Eye Shadow Black Licorice - love this combo but now Ive found MUA think this will dumped. Its prigmentation is good but not as good as MUA!

Duo Eye Shadow Butter Pecan - Me and my mother both bought a Olay duo like this years ago so sad when it ran out so this is our replacement.

Liquid Eyeshadow Coco Loco - this is hard stuff to handle, paint on thickly and wait to dry or apply with finger for a smouldery look. Its also on my Im not buying again list as it seems to dry up in the container my guessing is theres very little product in it to begin with hence the drying up.

MUA just a taster

So everyone is ranting about the MUA Superdrug make up just like they were with (and I suppose still are) with ELF! I have only bought 2 items from the range as they only had about 6 differnt items in stock when I went. Honestly the stand was only one of the end aisle ones, far too small for something they know is going to sell well! I bought Shade 13 Pearl an iridescent black/purple (left) and Shade 3 pearl a super shiny silver (right) They are sooooo pigmented it is amazing I do plan on buying all the shades apart from the pales and the funny lightish green and purple theyre just not really me. I may make an order online if I get a free delivery code since my nearest stockist is a fair distance from where I live. Check it out:

By the way the swatches do not do the items justice!

PS Not all stores are carrying the range so check this before you head out to buy some:

Gucci Guu

So while looking in my local charity shop last week I came across this little gem. A vintage Gucci coin purse never used it cost me a whole £1.20!!! Doubt I'll ever use it but what a beautiful piece I love it so much.

Honey pots and Blue skys

Hello and welcome.
So I thought I would jump on board this whole blog thing it might start out as mad ramblings but I hope in time it will become a font of useful information! There is a first time for everything.
So to the blogging! Current addictions included:
House M.D (Amazing show)
Charity shops
Cheap as chips Make up (ELF, MUA, Poundland, Poundworld)

Will post some of my bargainus finds in the next few days from a Gucci purse for £1.20 to a £185 leather handbag for £2.50 got to love charity (remember it starts at home!)

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