Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Poundland Make up

Poundland for make up are you crazy I hear you cry! Well yes Im crazy but not for buying make up in Poundland and Poundworld. They get ends of lines old stock etc. I will warn you if youre funny about make up some of this stuff is from 5 years ago but its still sealed and never used. Heres some of the items that I have pruchased.

Powder 001 light - Fantastic for pale skin not chalky. I actually have 3 of these now as its so hard to get powders to match my skin tone.
Blusher Peach 130 - Slightly dark for me a little goes a long way!

Revlon, down then left to right:
Lipglide lip glosses
100 clearly glossy - a Clear gloss with soft sponge aplicator.
140 Nude slip - Looks brown but goes on like a berry colour I cant explain how much I love these and at 2 for £1 I want them all!
200 pink lighting - beautiful pale baby pink
270 Berry dazzling - dark pink lovely colour I just love all these theyre fantastic.
Lash Fantasy Mascara Black - Im on the hunt for another one of these makes me look like I have eyelashes the white thickening side is fantastic must for thin lashes.
Colorstay 99 Charcoal - Poor pigmentation handy for blending out other blacks.
Skinlights touchpad - This is odd theres no colour on the packaging its a little orangey for my skin but its gives a healthy shimmer over the whole face use like a foundation. Fantastic for holidays for a shimmery look.

Three-sum 800 Raw Trio Eyeshadow - These colours are supposed to represent the Union Jack theyre blue, white and red, however the blue goes on black? No idea why but still a fantastic trio if used with a base as the pigmentaion is very low.

Cool matte 16 Hr Mousse Foundation 100 Ivory - So if theres any redheads or daughters of redheads (thats me btw :D) and have very pale skin you will know if you buy a pale powder or foundation you still look like youve been Tangoed! This is an exception. Fantastic hope my local Poundland gets it in again soon as I dont think they make it anymore.
Mousse Bronzer 001 Light Glow - Apply as little or as much of this a little goes a long way on pale skin. Make sure your skin is slightly moist still from your foundation for even coverage.

Colour Rush 340 Heather - This is a poor product but now i see it with the loose silver I may try a new look with it. A base is a must like with most rimmel shoadows.

Colour Loose 008 Smokey - Dont like the application of this may try taking it apart to use with my own brushes. More greyish than silver but blends well with blacks, greys for a smokey look.

Dream Mousse Bronzer 01 Copper - Darker and firmer than the Rimmel one but once rubbed in creates a healthy sun kissed look handy for those of us who just burn and dont get that lovely summery glow naturally.

Max Factor Ellen Betrix
Hyperfull lipstick
170 Rousing - Now these are like a lipbalm so much moisture in these. I think once on 170 and 180 have very little differnce both shiny and pinkish/ purple.
180 Spirited - see above
190 Dashing - A Matte colour slighty pinkish I love this as an everyday wear as its matte plan on buying another one.

NYC (sorry no picture)
Mascara Jet Black - Now sometimes when you buy make up from Poundland its there for a reason this was one such item, in short its old like a dried up mascara in the bottom of your make up bag. Still use it tho lol. Doesnt actually clump and creates thicker lashes which is impressive for me as i have very few lashes and theyre thin.

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