Friday, 18 June 2010

Benefit Badgal!

Now I cant see what all the ranting is about with Benefit so far the products dont seem much different from my cheap brands. So Ive been using a miners coverstick for the last few months comparing it with Itstick Ive used for the last week or so theres little difference the colour is the same and the coverage is equal if not less! It goes on smooth with my ELF concealer brush hiding my very dark under eyes not sleeping much inbetween packing to move and work! Its a great concealer I just wouldnt pay the price tag of £14! The Badgal eye liner was compared to my £1 Primark pencil primark which was more pigmented and had better staying power. Even tried one of each on each eye it did smudge more easily which is great for a smokey look not so great if you want a strong line to last all day! Im not saying I will never try Benefit again but I would like to move away from their pencils and maybe try some eyeshadows, powders and foundations as these are things I have problems with being very pale skinned. Maybe the next review I write Ill be raving about Benefit!

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