Tuesday, 1 June 2010

ELF www.eyeslipsface.co.uk

So many of you will have heard of ELF so heres some of my product reviews to help you make up your mind what products you want to buy.

Brushes, Left to right:
concealer brush, total face brush, eye shadow brush, blushing, bronzing and blending brush, defining eye brush and blending eye brush.
Ive not had much experience with brushes but I love these theyre all natural hair apart from the concealer brush. The shed very little and all hold theyre powders well.

Lips, 1st photo down then Left to right. 2nd photo left to right:
Super Glossy Lip Shine Spf 15 Goddess - I love this colour when it runs out i will be buying a replacement.

Super Glossy Lip Shine Angel - Pity theres no SPF in this one but its perfect to put over other lipsticks or nice just one its own. Contains fine glitter unable to feel on lips.

Plumping Lip Glaze Baby Doll - The light side is menthol and is what give your lips the plumped look the other side is mint and is just the colour lovely little piece of kit if you suffer from dry lips as the menthol gets the circulation going again.

Hypershine Lip Gloss Fairy - Amazing on my list again for when I run out.

Hypershine Lip Gloss Cloud Nine - Very similar to Fairy. This one is also on my List.

Hypershine Lip Gloss Vixen - Tastes foul. All this range are supposed to taste the same this one tastes like a offish mint not like the other two which are a lovely tatse.

Luscious Liquid Lipstick also called Moisture Care color Carmel Candy - Doesnt look as brown when its on your lips supposed to be vanilla mint I would just say mint slightly chemically.

Face, Left to right:
All over color Stick Spotlight - Love this I plan on buying more colours to test out too. I use it on my cheeks, lips, eyes its just fantastic and I can not describe the smell its too delious for words, but ELF describes it as Sugar Orange.

Clarifying Pressed Powder Apricot Beige Tone 1 - Like chalk, not suitable for very pale skin which i have. (I will be doing a blog soon about pale make up for all you fellow albinos out there!) Also not that cheap its half the weight of something that is twice the price in other ranges. Not something Ill be buying again.

Left to right: Butter Pecan, Black Licorice powder, (underneath) Black licorice Cream

liquid liner black, Brightening Eye Liner guilded, Brightening Eye Liner Black, Liquid shadow Coco loco, liquid liner copper

ELF Brightening Eye Liner Black - So so product doesnt go on waterline very dark/ thickly.

ELF Brightening Eye Liner Guilded - Love this colour for autumn/ winter its a gold liner its a must.

ELF Liquid Eyeliner Copper - Clear eyeliner with copper glitter i use over black eyeliner for a glitzy look in the autumn/ winter.

Waterproof Eyeliner Pen Black - Not waterproof and the container leaks all the time also on my not to buy list.

Duo Eye Shadow Cream Black Licorice - Only use as a base for the matching powder shadow.

Duo Eye Shadow Black Licorice - love this combo but now Ive found MUA think this will dumped. Its prigmentation is good but not as good as MUA!

Duo Eye Shadow Butter Pecan - Me and my mother both bought a Olay duo like this years ago so sad when it ran out so this is our replacement.

Liquid Eyeshadow Coco Loco - this is hard stuff to handle, paint on thickly and wait to dry or apply with finger for a smouldery look. Its also on my Im not buying again list as it seems to dry up in the container my guessing is theres very little product in it to begin with hence the drying up.

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