Friday, 10 February 2012


This review is of the Classice Travalo
I have now owned a Travalo for nearly 2 years. It has become an important part of my makeup bag. In years gone by I used to try and spray my favorite fragrance into those little tester sprayers you sometimes get from the makeup counters and more ended up on my hands than in the sprayer. So when I got my first Travalo it took me a few minutes to figure out how to use it but once I figured it out I was away!
I have a few problems with Travalo. One is the smell certain fragrances leave behind. Ive tried flushing mine out with water but if you used a strong fragrance for me its Monsoon by Monsoon or Opium by YSL. You have no chance of the small going it must soak into the plastic then leach into your new fragrance. However if they didnt use plastic this handy item would not be suitable for taking on as hand luggage on a flight which is very handy. Ive now started to put a label on my Travalo's so I know which frangrances are inside and I try as much as possible to only use that fragrance in that individual Travalo. The other I have is sometimes no matter how tight a fit, when Im filling up my Travalo it wont fill. This happens on one of my Travalo's do it may be a problem with it but evenually it does fill.
Overall ignore my negatives its me being picky. This is an amazing product so simple compared to the funel and glass sprayers of years gone by. My last one of those leaked in a handbag and destroyed a full bag of makeup! So if you travel a lot at home or abroad make sure you have at least one travalo when you go. Also if you have any problems the people at Travalo are extremely friendly and will always give you excellent customer service.
Thank you Travalo.
Travalo have a twitter @Travalo however they only seem to put up their FB statuses and don't reply.
Travalo's FB is they have a daily spray competition to win a Travalo so what you waiting for?
Note this is a review of the Classic Travalo I do not own the Exel version.

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