Saturday, 14 August 2010

Tricks and tips

Here are some of my tips and tricks I use:

Ever buy a shampoo and it ends up making your hair greasy or you just dont like it? Use it as bubble bath or use it to handwash your delicates.

What if you have a hair conditoner you dont like?
When Im on holiday in a hot country I smoother my body in conditoner its great for keeping in moisture and retaining a tan. Also use it as a shaving cream youll find the blade will run smoothly along skin with conditioner on.

Use olive oil on dry skin or on hands effected by hot and dry or cold winter conditions.

Waxing: If you buy wax that says it doent need heating its usually impossible to use my tip warm it a sink of warm tap water itll go on easier.

every now and again if you have dry skin on your face smoother it in Sudocrem used on babies bottoms lol. It has a plesant lavender fragrance and leaves your face lovely and smooth.

E45 cream not lotion is the best thing out there as a regular hand cream if like me you suffer with dry hands and its cheap too.

Bottles of cheap witch hazel not the brand as it is dear! Is the best toner you can buy its not harsh like some of the alcohol ones and also can be used on other areas of the body shuch as to heal bruises!

If you found any of these handy let me know!


  1. awesome tips doll :) i love using hair conditioner as shaving cream, it's much better! x

  2. Fab tips! :)
    Thanks for your comment on my blog, I use a Fujifilm Finepix S1600 to take my pictures x



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