Friday, 13 August 2010

Im back!!!

Sorry Ive been gone for a fews weeks what with moving house, my grandmother dying and going on holiday my blog has been sadly neglected. So I'll catch you up on bargains etc.

Think Ill start with today and work back over.

This hairband from dorothy perkins and at only £1 and 20% off I couldnt say no! I also couldnt say no to a long string of pearls which are still showing up as £7 online, a LOVE brooch and some beautiful white disc ear-rings all 80p each with the 20% discount which sadly finished today :(

I went to collect my boots order in store today just some photo corners nothing special but theyre on BOGOF and my local store is too small to stock them. My store also still have a reduced stand in which i found some garnier deodorant for 70p each brilliant concidering its normally £2.79 got to the counter and the girl tells me its only 35p a can as theres a half price off on it atm so even better! So that was savings of £6.88 in Boots alone! and In dorothy perkins I saved £20.30 so a good day for me all in all.

Ive also had some good charity shop bargains. a lovely Zara summer coat for £3 and another summer coat from New look only £2.25! I got a white summer cotton vest for my hols for only £1 when I had tried the same on on in Tesco the day before and it was £6! I got a cowboy tee from Miss Selfridge for £1 and a pretty beaded bracelet for 50p I got some books to for 20p each Candace Bushnell - Lipstick Jungle, Memoirs of a geshia, Delicate matters - vickery turner and marian keyes - sushi for beginners. Oh and also a never read copy of love on scotland street by alexander Mccall Smith who is one of my favorite authours also only 20p!

I got some lovely new bedding for my new house for £11 at tesco and some lovely pink pillowcases 2 lots only £1.25 a pack. Ive been using the double velvet voucher in the new tesco magazine to get my tissues as theyre only £1 atm and its a 50p off voucher then when you peel back the top of the box you get another voucher so im all ready for winter colds with all our hankies now lol.

I also had a voucher for money off natural bodyform pads that currently have cute little carrying tins and pouches free! I am now also over loaded on these as I want all the differnt designs lol.
I got the flower tin and the zebra pouch but after the flower pouch and the peacock tin now.

So my hols were to spain this year where I found an amazing shop called Lefties its part of the Zara group check it out if your over there this summer I bought 12 or 13 tees and they are so cute Ill get some pics up soon when i unpack my cables lol. Also got loads of lush dresses off the markets as well.

I also decided to finish my Roseanne Dvd collection with my amazon vouchers so that saved me £20! Did spand £5.99 on getting series 9 but so pleased ive got them all now it was my fave show growing up.

Also bought Monsoons perfume called monsoon for £14.99 from theperfumeshop its so heady its lush it reminds me of my trip to tunisia everytime I spray it!

Well thats it for now might add some more later after I go through my drawers and cupboards to see what else Ive bought so...
ta ta for now!

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