Friday, 2 July 2010

Batiste V's Superdrug!!!

So Superdrug have realeased they're own line of dry shampoo's (Well theres 2 in in the range lol).The names of the scents are rather odd! I decided to try Away with the Fairies! As it seems quite fitting for me :D I have looked online for the other fragrance's name but it's not online yet. Must be a very new product. I thought I would try one out as Batiste is £2.09 in my Superdrug and theyre own is only £1.49 every penny counts remember! its a 60p saving.

Comaprison time!
The Fragance of Away withe the Fairies is floral its actually nicer than Blush by Batiste it's more like a body spray fragrance. Which I find really pleasant. So Ive used Batiste for awhile so Im used to the fact it comes out of the can dry, which is hanndy for a dry shampoo, oddly the Superdrug on comes out wet? Now for a dry shampoo I find that a little odd. In time the alcohol does however evaporate and the talc (its actually rice starch) is left behind.But I have a problem! I use dry shampoo after ive straightened my hair and I am worried if I use it like that the wetness of the spray will take my straight hair back to its natural wave! I havent had a chance to use it like this yet and I did actually have some Batiste in my hair when I tried it initially for this review so it wasnt the best trial. I will however use it again soon especially on my straight hair and let you know the outcome.

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